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Dana Brevini

Dana Brevine are a well-known brand for their machine drive systems and much sought-after gearboxes. They also manufacture bespoke power pack systems that are built to order.


Gearbox and Drive Couplings

Control Valves



  • Directional Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Flow Control
  • Modular Valves
  • Cartridge Valves
  • In-Line Valves
  • Subplates
  • Proportional Control Valves
  • Electronics
  • Bankable Valves

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 Hydraulic Supplier in Scotland, control valves with dana brevini

 Hydraulic Supplier in Scotland, control valves with dana brevini

Hydraulic Supplier in Scotland, control valves with Dana Brevini


Mini and Micro Power Packs


  • 12 & 24-volt DC up to 3kW
  • 110, 240- & 415-volts AC up to 5.5kW
  • Flows up to 30lpm and pressures up to 280 bar
  • Available with a range of options for lift and lowering valves

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 Hydraulic Supplier in Scotland, mini and micro power packs with Dana Brevini


Industrial Power Pack Systems


Small and medium installations

  • Electric Motors from 0.25kW up to 75kW
  • Engine Packs up to 200kW
  • Flows from 0.22 lpm up to 200 lpm
  • Pressures up to 400 bar
  • Cast iron body gear pumps / piston pumps
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Reservoirs from 12 to 600 litres

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 Hydraulic Supplier in Scotland, industrial power pack systems provided by Dana Brevini


Bespoke Power Pack Systems


 Complete systems built to order. Contact us directly with specification to discuss this further.

Hydraulic Supplier in Scotland, bespoke power pack systems with Alba Hydraulics





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Alba Hydraulics can source and deliver specific hydraulic supplies in Scotland. If you are looking for unique parts or you are unsure on a piece of equipment that you need, get in contact with us and we will work to find it for you.


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